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domenica 18 dicembre 2011

For a best world.

For a best world.

The world is still so, its nations, with its heads of government, with men and women divided into good and bad, with the fear of being invaded by some foreign power ... ...
Because the world is still the case?
Yet more and more people who want a united world, we all live on the same planet ... ..

The human race is oppressed by fear, a primal fear.
This fear leads the human being in search of power, the constant search for anything that can make it impregnable, a fear that arises from the instinct of survival.

The rich man is the symbol of this concept.
The man is enriched not out of necessity, but because of the fear, a fear that insatiable urges him to become more powerful, and this power he has acquired must be defended, and then seeks alliances with other powerful people, and of course ... buy weapons ..

All this leads to a whole series of complications that are visible to us every day in all our actions and thoughts ....