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giovedì 27 ottobre 2011

Thom C Courcelle - Seattle - Stati Uniti d'America

From the U.S.As., Thom has sent an original and beautiful mail art devoted to Halloween.
Magnifying the image is possible to read the text… good reading!
Thanks, Thom!

giovedì 20 ottobre 2011

Pierpaolo Limongelli - Bari - Italia

From Italy Pierpaolo Limogelli, has sent a mail art in his interpretative style, beautiful.
Thanks Pierpaolo!

Cheryl Penn - South Africa

From the South Africa, a mail art of Cheryl Penn in her theme ZALOP, beautiful and meaningful.
Thanks Cheryl!

Kimberly@Varykino - Linden, WA - Stati Uniti d'America

From the U.S.A. a mail art of Kimberly Varykino, very beautiful in her style!
Thanks Kimberly!

venerdì 14 ottobre 2011

Bruno Chiarlone - Italia

From Italy Bruno has always sent me one of his particular mail art.
Thanks Bruno!

Carlos Botana - Spagna

From Spain, Carlos has sent me a beautiful mail art devoted to his project.
Thanks Carlos!

60 from 3 - Archivio Emily Harvey - Venezia

To Venice from 19 to October 23 rd 2011, near Archivio Emily Harvey in the Via San Paolo nr. 387, the exposure of art with the artists J. O. Olbrich develops / B. Skuber / R. Summers.

Emily Kreis Harvey (1941-2004) was a New York gallerist known for her support of the international avant-garde community. She divided her time between New York and Venice, Italy, where she made her home. She loved Venice, and wanted others to share in her experience of this ancient and unique Italian city. She loved art and artists, and creative people of all types, and particularly wanted to support mature artists with her residencies, since there were so few facilities specifically for them. She died in Venice in 2004.
(Notice from Archivio Emily Harvey).

Thanks to You for the invitation!

sabato 8 ottobre 2011

MY WORLD - PROJECT - Saes Byeol - Corea del Sud

The exposure of the project - MY World - continuous….. with a beautiful work of Saes Byeol.

Thanks of your contribution.

giovedì 6 ottobre 2011

Ryosuke Cohen - Brain Cell 801 - Giappone

From Japan Ryosuke has sent his Brain Cell 801, splendid as always..
Compliment to all the artists!
Thanks Ryosuke!

Mr. Colori - The Museum of Instant Images - Pays Bas

It is arrived the beautiful catalog of the exposure of the mails art, organized by Mr. Colors. The Museum of Instant Images!!! Thanks!!!!

Here under some pages of the catalog and the new mail art project.

Uli Grohmann - Munster - Germania


The artist Uli, has sent another beautiful his mail art.
Thanks Uli!