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venerdì 14 ottobre 2011

60 from 3 - Archivio Emily Harvey - Venezia

To Venice from 19 to October 23 rd 2011, near Archivio Emily Harvey in the Via San Paolo nr. 387, the exposure of art with the artists J. O. Olbrich develops / B. Skuber / R. Summers.

Emily Kreis Harvey (1941-2004) was a New York gallerist known for her support of the international avant-garde community. She divided her time between New York and Venice, Italy, where she made her home. She loved Venice, and wanted others to share in her experience of this ancient and unique Italian city. She loved art and artists, and creative people of all types, and particularly wanted to support mature artists with her residencies, since there were so few facilities specifically for them. She died in Venice in 2004.
(Notice from Archivio Emily Harvey).

Thanks to You for the invitation!